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Hello Darlings!

We were out of town during the Chamber Awards Gala and I was so surprised to learn Honor Darling was voted Best Place to Shop again this year! Davie County's boutique market has really grown and we are really blessed with many great places to shop locally. We are truly honored to be in the running with many amazing davie county businesses! 

Walmart was runner up for best place to shop and this still tickles me. We can't compete with Walmart guys! Walmart is THE Walmart! Unlike me, Walmart has it all figured out- they were founded in 1962 and are listed as the WORLDS most profitable retail outlet. Honor Darling was founded in 2014 and I'm pretty positive we will never rank anywhere again next to Walmart. I, personally, consider it to be AWESOME and a true honor to be listed with Walmart for best places to shop. 

We are still learning, growing and making adjustments as we go. We definitely do not have it all figured out yet- but we are very grateful for our loyal customers and friends we are making along the way. Thank you Davie County, for voting Honor Darling the Best Place to Shop. We are grateful for your love and support!  


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