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I am SO THRILLED at the number of people who have ordered the Sun Stand Still book and/or have expressed interest in getting a copy!! You can't even begin to understand what I am talking about without experiencing it for yourself. I often get asked questions concerning everything I have on my plate right now & they crack me up! Okay, here they are...

"WHEN do you sleep?"

"Do you EVER sleep??"

"Are you CRAZY?" (this one is my favorite!)

My typical response is usually "I LOVE my sleep, therefore, YES I sleep." Oh, and I can't forget "What? I'm not THAT crazy!"  What I really want to say (insert loud voice here) is "You've totally got to read Sun Stand Still!! What the heck are you waiting on?!?" But I never say that but I seriously want to!

Seizing God's vision for your life (which is often very different from your own) can be intimidating but when you step out in faith, believing God for what seems impossible, AMAZING things happen!! And this is where miracles happen ya'll!

I know that part of that vision for me, is being able to open Honor Darling with the most amazing little side-kick ever (HONOR PRESLEY). I ran across these pictures on my phone this morning and I wanted to share them with you. This is Honor Presley the first time we went to check out the future home of Honor Darling. Keep in mind that she is 5. I told her I was nervous about it and she suggested that we pray. So, that's what we did..


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