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For those of you who could not make it the Dragonfly House CAC Share the Love Event, I did not want to leave you hanging! You need to be filled in, right?!? Well, I surely think so!

This event was absolutely amazing and it SOLD OUT! This is HUGE and means amazing things for the children in our community. Besides many of my colleagues and friends, the first thing I noticed, was how exceptionally organized this event was. There were smiling faces who welcomed you at the door and checked you in/provided you with your table info.

It was SO awesome to see how PACKED the silent auction room was with bidders and with donation items. There was everything from gift items, certificates, works of art and anything else you could of imagined. I was pretty excited to see the Honor Darling, Little Darling Earrings & Salem Swank Items :)  People were getting excited and pretty serious about the items that they wanted to win. It was fun to people-watch!

Dinner was delicious, there was plenty of food and it was really great to see everyone come together and show support. Our table was fabulous- as you can see here by the name..    Cute, right?!

The speaker, Erin Merryn, shared some of her childhood memories which included horrific sexual abuse. Erin shared that it is her goal to have "Erin's Law" passed in all 50 states-this would result in sex abuse prevention being taught to all children in public schools. I think she summed it up best with this argument, "the only individuals who should be opposed to this law are the perpetrators themselves." If you are not familiar with Erin's law, you should google her name. 


It was a fun night all around. You definitely should plan to attend next year if you can.




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